Why TerraLift A DrainField

Michigan TerraLift Drain Field RepairTerralift is a technological breakthrough in soil restoration. It solves a number of soil problems including compaction, saturation, and improper drainage, without disturbing the ground surface. Rejuvenates exhausted leach fields quickly without costly excavation and replacement. Are you seriouse about saving time and money?

What is TerraLift?

Michigan TerraLift Drain Field Repair

The alternative to Terralift is the installation of a new leach field, which is expensive and time consuming. Since heavy equipment is used, work cannot be done until the area above the septic system is dry. Then the area has to be dug up, a new system installed and the soil and landscaping replaced, an operation that takes a number of days and costs many thousands of dollars. TerraLift can do many more applications like dewatering and aerating your lawn. Our system is the best in Michigan so if someone tells you that you need your Drain Field replaced you might want to think twice. Call us today.

Save Your Drain Field – Restore – Save Time & Money! 

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Check out our photos and movies how Terralift can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Let us help you to save money and time.